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Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all peoples! psalm 96:3

*We are currently in the process of moving overseas.

Thank you all for all your love and support through the years!*

You Have Been Invited To be Part of the Psalm96pics Rep Team!!

Congratulations! If you are viewing this page,

you are one of only 5 girls selected!

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What is a rep team you ask???

• This is a way for you (or your daughter, if you are a senior parent) to earn a photo shoot and beautiful images! 

• First things first ~ we will meet up at Lucy Park on the 8th of June 2019.  This is a time where you can ask any questions about the rep program and decide if you would like to participate. We will also be taking a few quick shots at the end.

Ways to Earn:

• Share your Image (from the Lucy park meeting)

in your Insta story = 3 Images (from LP meeting)

• 1st referral = 1hr session | 2 Outfits | 1 Location

• 1 referral  = 3 Digital Images

* After you have earned 18 images you may opt to keep earning more images or purchase additional images for just $5 per image. 

Things to Keep in Mind


• Anyone who books an individual session from ages 13-20

1 Referral Per Rep

• Make sure to snap a photo of you and your referral and send over with the caption (sending your way) in a message or email.

Sooner is Better

• The sooner you get your first referral the longer you have to earn your images.

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Example of Your session

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After your 1st referral

After your first referral books a session, you will book your session. After your session, you will have access to your gallery of previews. Previews are all of the shots that I like from your session. From these non-edited images you can select 3 images you would like. The 3 images will then be edited and put in a new gallery for you to download. Everytime a new referral books a session, you will earn 3 more photos from your preview gallery. 

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Another perk to being on the team~

Whenever I am feeling creative and get an idea for a fun shoot ,I will contact someone on the team to shoot with before reaching out to anyone else. This will lead to a fun shoot, a few free images, and a new preview gallery to select images from! 

Psalm96pics 2020 Senior Rep Team

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