p s a l m    96    p i c s

Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all peoples! psalm 96:3


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~Purchase Additional Images~

Fine Art Edit - $30.00 Per Image

(Fine Art Photos are 1/2 photo 1/2 digital painting.

Each images takes hours to edit. Images have a unique, special,

and timeless look that would make for gorgeous prints as a statement piece in your home.)

High End Edit - $10.00 Per Image 

(Artistic edit with high-end retouch including skin)

Simple Edit - $3.00 per Image

(This edit is a quick clean up of light and color, there is no further alterations) 


Please only post images from your finished gallery 

and not from the preview gallery. 

Share the love and tag my page when posting images.

**I work very hard to make your images special

and ask that you not use filters on the images.

Filters change the image and gives people a false impression of my work.**

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