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Declaring His Glory 1 on 1 Editing Classes

!!Take advantage of the new introductory prices!!

Each class includes:

-The original, raw image so you can work along with me. 

-45 minutes to 1 hour one on one

-Question and Answer time

-Tips and Secrets


Internet connection 

Lightroom and/or Photoshop


Lightroom Clean and Clear $60.00 +tax

Learn how to bring out the vibrance and clarity in your images!

Learn how to make best use of the Lightoom tool panel!

Photoshop Color Exchange $80.00 +tax

Do you have a shot that you really like, but you want to LOVE?!! 

Learn how to manipulate the colors to make your photo pop with a unique look!!

Lightroom & Photoshop Sky Recovery $80.00 +tax

Start in Lighroom and then go to Photoshop to recover a washed out sky!!

Also, learn how to improve your image with color and lighting!

Lightroom & Photoshop Full Edit!! $120.00 +tax

From start to finish, learn how to make the most of your images.

This editing class also includes creating smoke for an added artsy touch!

Also, learn how to manipulate colors to create the look you want!